Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Life is Hard.

Being a parent is tough.

Being an adult is tough.

Being a kid is tough.

Being -- is tough.

Because life happens, and life is unpredictable and crazy.  That's part of what makes it amazing though, right?

Lately, I've been inundated with people who are struggling to just get through the day.  I feel responsible for helping even when I'm not sure what to say (which is 99.9% of the time), so I do my best.  I just think we all need to vent sometimes, and it helps if to know someone genuinely cares enough to listen.  Today, in particular, I found myself repeating some of the same advice to multiple people, so I figured I would write it here as well.

I think you'll find there are more of us out there than you could imagine.  We're all in this together.


Depression is ugly and vicious.  It sucks you in and makes you feel as if you're falling into an endless black pit.  There is no bottom, nothing to grab onto for help--you're just falling... and desperately praying for it to stop.  But it doesn't.  You feel as if you're clawing at your throat and gasping for air while the world implodes around you....

Yet, here you are.  Reading this.  Right now.

You are alive, and breathing, and most likely have people around who genuinely care if you're happy or sad.  Someone cares.  I promise.  And if you can't think of anyone?  I care.

You may not believe it, but I do care.  You will get through this.  There is no other option.  There is no alternative.

That's what I always tell myself and every other person who feels comfortable enough sharing his or her feelings with me.


I cannot express to you how many students come to me wanting to commit suicide because of these inexplicable, muddled emotions floating through their brains.  I cannot tell you how many narratives I've read where children are surviving horrendous situations (that you couldn't possibly imagine in your worst nightmares).  I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in bed at night, afraid to sleep because of what a student, friend, or family member might do when I'm not able to keep a watchful eye.  I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in bed at night, unable to sleep because of my own demons and stresses.

I guess I just want you to know you're going to be OK.  You have to be.  Like I said, there is no other option.  Seriously.  As much as you are struggling right now, that falling sensation will eventually stop.  It may creep back up on you from time to time, but when it does, you'll be strong enough to climb your way out.

You just have to believe it.  Breathe.  No, really.  Take slow... deep... breaths.  And start over.  Each second is a new opportunity to start fresh, even if that just means trying to smile a little more.

If you aren't happy with your current situation, CHANGE it.  Only you have the power to do so.  Don't underestimate your power.  Stop making excuses and enabling yourself.  Create a ladder in that pit and cling onto it.  Don't let go.  Even if you feel yourself slipping, use every fiber of your being to hang on and pull yourself up.  You've got this.

You just have to believe it.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Do ItWorks! Wraps Really Work?

There are a few parts to answering this question...

Short answer:  YES.

1.  The products?  Yes, they actually work.  Now, I'm going to give you the whole, "Everyone is different and will see different results," spiel because it's true.  No two people will see the exact same results within the exact same time frame.  That's common sense.  I know I was SUPER skeptical about the company for YEARS.  However, after seeing more and more friends become successful with ItWorks, I decided to give it a shot.

I tried one wrap.  ONE.  That's what got me hooked.  My arms are and always have been beasts.  I like to pretend it's because I'm stronger than I am, but the reality is I'm just a really thick girl.  I'm OK with it, but my arms bug me.  Even when I was much thinner, my arms refused to budge.  I figured the wraps would be put to the test with my arms as their opponents, so I cut a wrap in half and applied a side to each.

These pictures are not pretty.  I'm not flexing at all and was careful to replicate the same exact pose in the second picture.  Aside from cropping to fit the collage, the images are not edited in any way.  You may not see the changes as much as I do, but TRUST me, they're there.  Look closely at the underside of my arm.  There are uneven droops all along the bottom.  In the "after" picture, the underside is more consistent.  The bulgy droops are gone.  My skin is definitely smoother and more toned.  This is just with one wrap; I can't wait to see what happens when I do a full treatment.  :)

Displaying IMG_2054.JPG

More importantly, I'm motivated now to make changes to my lifestyle.  Since wrapping 2 weeks ago, I have been eating a healthier diet and exercising more.  I've actually lost 9 lbs since this first wrap.  The wraps aren't weight loss products; they're skin toning treatments, but I am losing weight because the wraps have given me the boost I need to get started.

So What Exactly Do The Wraps Do?
  • Tone, smooth, and soften your skin
  • Break up and remove the toxins in your body
  • Continue to work for 72 hours
What Should I Know Before Trying Them?
  • A full treatment is 4 wraps (1 box).  It may take a few wraps before you see the results you want.  
    • You wouldn't go tanning and expect to be tan after one session.  You need a few under your belt.  You'll see those base results, and then you'll keep refining as you go!  :)
    • Wait 72 hours between wraps.
  • You need to DRINK WATER while wrapping and for a few days after.
    • You're trying to flush out those toxins, so you need to drink tons of water while you wrap and then try to drink half of your body weight in water for the next couple of days.
  • Apply the wrap with the lotion side down!
  • You need to make sure you securely apply your wrap to your skin.
    • Cover with FabWrap; Saran Wrap; an Ace Bandage; etc.
    • Leave it on for at least 45 minutes (longer if you desire).
  • Once you get started, you'll start to feel a tingling sensation.  That means it's working!  :) 
  • Rub the remaining lotion into your skin when you're finished.
Don't forget to take before and after pictures!  You may not see the results in person.  The photos don't lie!

By the way, my mom is currently testing our Lip and Eye cream and is seeing visible wrinkle reduction around her upper lip and around her eyes.  :)  I'm not posting her face all over the internet, but if you want to see her results, send me a fb message or contact me at itworkswithjj@gmail .com!  If you want to go ahead and browse the products, check out my website.  

The other parts of this question/answer have to do with becoming a distributor.  Does it really pay off to be a distributor?  I'll address that in a follow-up post!  :) 

Update:  Right after I posted this, a leader in my team shared these results!  These are NOT mine, but they're too amazing not to share!  These are her results after 2 wraps.  TWO wraps!