Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Buying Those Back-to-School Supplies: A Note From a Teacher/Mom

I might have a different approach on this Facebook post I read today, but I do empathize with the author. I spend a fortune (that I definitely don't have) on my classroom each year. When we're struggling to pay bills with our teachers' salaries, I do get stressed about buying school supplies and new clothes/shoes for Emma. I can't imagine what it will be like when all 3 kids are in school. On Monday, when we were in the store, Emma was crossing off her list and making sure she had the right numbers. When we found the Expo markers, she was looking for a pack of 4 (because that's what the list said), but we found a pack of 5. I told her it was fine, but we were really working on numbers, so she asked why it was OK to get 5 when the list said 4. At this point, another lady was looking at me and listening. My response: "because I'm a teacher too, Emma, and we need all the help we can get. Your teacher can use an extra marker." It hurts my bank account to buy all of this stuff, but if teachers were paid a decent salary and provided ample supplies, it wouldn't have to happen. Until that day, I'll continue to buy whatever is needed - for my own children AND my students. I love all of my students as if they are my own kids, and I know Emma's teachers will love her as well. Our goals are definitely the same. We want our kids to learn and grow into good human beings.

The original fb post is as follows:
by Abbey Sandifer 
Dear mom at Wal-Mart,
I know school supplies are expensive, especially when you have multiple children all needing new backpacks, new shoes, new everything. Today I overheard you on your phone as you were sorting through school supplies, "dry-erase board and markers? They can kiss my butt, those teachers want markers, they can buy them themselves." Well dear mom, I can let you know that's exactly what teachers are doing all over the nation right now. Not only are we buying our own storage tubs and dry erase markers, but we are buying extra school supplies so kids like yours don't feel left out. We strive to give each kid a fighting chance, even if that means dipping into our own wallets that were never full to begin with.
I hope you know that we will love your child and give them the very best learning environment within our means, but it would be awesome if you could spend a few extra dollars to help support your own kid's education. I'm sure we both have the same end-goal: to see your kid be the best version of themselves they can be.
Sincerely, a First Grade Teacher who already loves the class she hasn't met yet.


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