Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How I Told My Husband

Probably not the most original way to tell my husband we were expecting, but I had all of 3 minutes to prepare....

You see, old Aunt Flow should have arrived about 3 weeks before I decided to take a test.  My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a while (story in another post) but didn't think it was going to happen.  We decided to stop consuming ourselves with the realization that we were never going to be able to have children and just let God take over.  Whatever was meant to be would be.  Well, after 3 weeks of waiting for my cycle to run its course, I thought a pregnancy test was worth a shot.  I sent my husband to the grocery store to pick up something and took the test while he was gone.

I don't know how I managed to restrain myself and wait the couple of minutes for the test results to be clear, but I did.  It was positive.  I couldn't breathe.  How was this possible?  I sat for a few minutes, unable to move.  Then, I thought about my husband.  He was going to be home any second, and I couldn't just tell him.

I ran to my pile of scrapbook stuff and grabbed a little piece of bright yellow card stock, folded it in half, and made a tiny card.  On the front, I drew a cartoon baby face and wrote "Hi, Daddy!" above the smiling baby.  On the inside, I wrote a little message.  My husband came home, groceries in hand, and I waited for him in the kitchen.  I told him to take a deep breath and gave him the card.  He covered his mouth and broke down in tears.  : )

The little card still sits on his night stand.  Eventually, it will go in our daughter's scrapbook.  : )

For those of you who are looking for more unique, exciting ideas, check out BabyCenter.  You will find tons of interesting ideas for sharing the news with your partner, family, and friends.


  1. That is quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever heard. You hadn't shared that one with me!

  2. I called john and work and said "i'm late" he said "for what?" then i went off on him. yours was much nicer.