Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daddy's Trips Aren't Easy On Us

My husband left yesterday to attend an educators' fair.  He is recruiting teachers to come out to the rez.  :-) It needs to be done, and I'm happy he is able to get away from the insane amount of stress he's under at work.  It's just kind of hard on us.  I'm used to him being gone for work or coaching sports, but the little one is just now able to realize he's missing.  She says "da da da da" periodically throughout the day, and I tell her he had to go "bye bye" but will be back soon.  She usually starts waving at the air.  When Daddy leaves, we always watch at the door.  During one of our little photo shoots this morning, I think she was looking for him.

She was waving with her right hand....


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    My goodness, your little one is ADORABLE. I am not a cheek squeezer, but this makes me want to be one! haha

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