Sunday, April 24, 2011

OMG. Kloe is NOT fat!

OK, so I try not to write about reality TV and the ridiculous obsession with "perfect" people in media today.  HOWEVER, I have a confession to make.  I absolutely LOVE the Kardashians, and Kloe is my favorite.  She is gorgeous, intelligent, and has a great deal of substance to her personality.

Tonight, I watched the new episode of Kloe and Lamar.  Kloe was feeling a lot of pressure because of her supposed weight issues.  I know people criticize Kloe constantly because she doesn't look exactly like her petite sisters, but I don't get it.  I do not understand how anyone can say she is "ugly" or "fat".  People are petty and jealous.  She is beautiful; she has money, and she is in love with her husband.

If you don't like her, get over it.  Why are you even concerned about it in the first place?  Don't you have your own life on which to focus?  Seriously.

Why on earth do people intentionally say terrible things about others (and waste precious time)?  WHAT IS THE POINT?  Does it make their lives any better?  I'm highly doubting it.

As for Kloe, I completely understand how she would be affected by the comments being made.  That would be enough to pull anyone into a slump.  Even her own mother made her feel insecure.  WTF?  How could a mother say something so insanely superficial and selfish to her daughter?  It's absurd.

Now, if Kloe wants to lose weight because she is uncomfortable in her body, I'm not here to judge.  We all have an ideal place where we like our bodies to be, and it differs among individuals.  When I look at people bigger than me, I do not necessarily think they're fat.  Yet, I am unhappy with where I am because it isn't comfortable for me.  I don't judge my skinny friends for wanting to lose a pound or two because they know what is best for them (physically and mentally).  WHATEVER.  I just wish we could rise above the unattainable image of perfection that is constantly forced down our throats.


  1. She's my favorite too! She's gorgeous and hilarious!

  2. I watched it too last night!! I started watching the Kardashians because of Khloe and the fact that she was more like me, super tall and curvy. I kind of loathe her attitude sometimes, but I still think she's super gorgeous and I would just die to look like that! That episode really ticked me off. She's the prettiest one out of those girls!