Friday, April 1, 2011

Suddenly My Baby is a Little Girl

I am entering yet another new chapter in my crazy life and I am doing so with incredibly mixed emotions.   It seems as though my baby has turned into a little girl overnight....

Our little Emma has developed a distinct personality and is starting to turn into a toddler.  Don't be deceived by the lack of hair.  :-) She's making calculated decisions, discovering her surroundings, and expressing emotions.  She claps when she's happy and proud and cries when trying to manipulate situations.  She's amazing. 

I'm excited for her.  She is so happy exploring things on her own and developing new skills.  The selfish part in me is a little sad that I'm already losing the little baby we brought home from the hospital.  I'm sad that she won't be depending on me every second of every day.  Sad that this is only the beginning of a whirlwind of change.  However, it's awesome to be a part of it.  :-)  I'm blessed to be able to share each of these new steps with this beautiful little girl. 

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