Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Create Amazing Photo Collages with Photovisi

While searching for a way to jazz up my blog without spending any moolah, I stumbled upon the Photovisi collage maker.  Oh my goodness!  This is my new favorite tool!

If you like the new collage behind the title of my page, you'll LOVE Photovisi!  It's so much fun.  You can upload (remarkably quickly) tons of pictures, choose from many different templates, edit your photos, and do it all for FREE.  When you're finished, you can share your collages publicly, post them to facebook, or just download them to your computer like I did.

After downloading my new collage to my computer, I dragged it to my iPhoto.  From there, I edited it a little more.  The possibilities are endless.  Once the image in on your computer, you can print it, order copies from your favorite site or store, share it with family and friends... whatever you want to do.  I plan to upload mine to my Shutterfly account and order a large copy to hang on my picture wall.  :-)

I hope you try out Photovisi and have fun creating new projects!


  1. I forgot to mention it's super easy and can be really quick if you're in a hurry!

  2. I didn't even recognize your blog because of your new header! I love it. I am off to visit photovisi right now. Love Shutterfly too. Last year I took 30 years Christmas photos with our family and turned it into a book on Shutterfly. It is such a treasure and they loved seeing themself as little people as engaged couples and newlyweds and seeing Dad and I as younger people (with goofy hairstyles and clothes).

  3. Hah, yea I love Shutterfly too. I'm going to create a book at some point. They look really neat. Right now, I use it to send my grandmother pictures of my daughter. She lives on the other side of the country and refuses to use a computer, so Shutterfly is the easiest way to let her see her great grandbaby. :)

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