Friday, October 22, 2010

Lazy, Rainy Days and Baby Smiles

Choosing to stay at home with my daughter has been a great decision, but cutting back to one income has been quite stressful and overwhelming.  To try to help our financial situation, I've been looking everywhere online for work from home opportunities (future posts to come).  Recently, I've realized that I'm so consumed with finding ways to earn money that I'm losing sight of why I wanted to stay home in the first place.  I've been paying more attention to potential money making projects than I have to my precious little girl.  Sooo... I decided to take a break and get back to my daughter.

The past 2 days have been pure bliss.  We live up in the high desert and really only have 2 seasons:  summer and winter.  Winter hit about 3 days ago.   Since then, we've had the normal thunderstorms that usually accompany the changing of seasons.  It has been wonderful.  Emma and I have gotten to spend lazy days inside while the storms continue outside.  Perfect cuddling weather!  

I finally put the computer down and made Emma my sole focus.  We had so much fun playing together.  I realized how much I've missed her.  That may seem crazy, as she is with me 24/7, but I think it's important for us not to take our kids for granted.  They grow so fast.  It seems that we're always busy and worrying about a million different things.  I think sometimes, we need to remember to take a moment and enjoy the pure innocence and love of our little ones while they're still little.  

To other stay at home moms out there, I know our budgets and money situations can take up quite a bit of our lives, but let's not forget why we chose to stay home with our babies in the first place.

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