Friday, October 22, 2010

LOVE Dr. Brown's Bottles

For those of you who are expecting a new bundle of joy and wondering which bottles are best for your baby, I highly recommend Dr. Brown's bottles. They are my absolute favorite.

Dr. Brown's bottles have a patented internal vent system that helps reduce bubbles.  This helps reduce gas and colic.  When you have a little one with gas pains or projectile vomit, you'll understand why these bottles are so important.  I won't use any other bottle with my little girl.

Initially, I was breastfeeding my daughter but wasn't producing enough milk.  Thankfully, I received some of the wide-neck bottles at my baby shower.  The transition from breast to bottle was easier for the baby because the wide-neck nipples are made to be more like the breast.  I wouldn't even use the skinnier Dr. Brown's bottles when we first started the transition to formula because it was easier on my daughter to use the shorter, chubbier bottles.  :)  I haven't been able to find more of the wide-neck bottles in any stores in our area, but I know you can order them on Amazon.

Example of the wide-neck bottles:

Dr. Brown's bottles do take a little longer to clean because of the extra pieces used to create the venting system, but a baby with less gas is well worth the effort.  If you're planning to use formula or pump your own milk, I recommend putting these bottles on your registry.


  1. 1st:Thank you for the follow, I am now returning it.

    2nd:I had to stop nursing my son due to slow production, & the fact he has a really high metabolism. The breastmilk just would stay with him long enough & he was marked failure to thrive. We did supplements but eventually switched all the way over. We also deal with GERD (tried luck. Tried luck) on a DAILY basis.

    I have heard these bottles are pretty awesome, but I also recommend you try a Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle. I recently reviewed one of these for them & it was perfect for him! If you flip the bottle over on its can clearly see the resemblence to the breast BIG TIME. I want more of these bottles and plan on getting some.

    If you would like a chance to win one, go visit my blog Diary of Momma and click giveaways. You will see it from there, just click link.

    **In all honesty though...the Tommee Tippee bottle would be a bad one to try out if you ever wanted to try something new. We were using Ventaire, Nuk Ortho, and Nursers (he takes a variety of nipples). The Ventaires did the best out of that group but they are a pain to clean.


  2. I've thought about trying the Tommee Tippee bottles as well. They were advertised after I had already received my Dr. Brown's from baby showers. I didn't want to spend more money on bottles, but I've heard good things about how natural the Tommee Tippee bottles are.