Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Venting...

I love, love, love my little girl, but...

I'm exhausted.
She's sick.
My husband works ALL the time and is NEVER home.
The house is a mess.
I have no energy to clean when she falls asleep.
My dog needs a bath.
I have no help.
No family close by.
Best friends are too far away.
I'm hungry but don't want to cook anything.
I'm exhausted.
The laundry just stares at me.
All of the bottles need washed.
Living in the desert when it's windy sucks.
I don't want to dust.
I have to dust everyday.
The vacuum cleaner doesn't work.
I can't fit into anything but sweat pants and my husband's shirts.
There is a spider on the ceiling.
The Diaper Genie is full.
Did I mention I'm exhausted?

He gets to relax when he gets home from work and gets to hang out with friends.  When do I get a break?  I work 24/7.  When do I get to relax?  When is someone going to wait on me hand and foot, do my laundry, pick up after me, cook my meals, and take care of the kid when I want to go have fun?  Hahahahahahahaha... that's a funny dream.

I know I shouldn't complain.  I have a great husband and a wonderful, healthy baby.... but I'm tired.


  1. I'm so sorry hon...It doesn't seem fair does it? But if you're patient, the rewards for what you do will come. But for now, just rest...

  2. ...and you aren't alone! Hang in there Jennifer! My husband travels about 2 weeks a month overseas, so I'm essentially a single parent a lot of time. When I had my little girl, I thought the colic was going to be the death of me. No kidding! I went to every doctor, even specialist. I hired a baby coach... she quit it was so bad! Oh, and did I mention that we had moved from Indiana where I'm from to Alaska where I had no family?! You aren't alone and you are allowed to be down and exhausted. There would be no peaks if we did walk in the valleys every now and then. You are certainly in my thoughts:) And you are right... she every bit of adorable:) Best to you!

  3. oh I know how you feel! Every once in a while I vent/argue with the hubs about me needing more help when he gets off work. It is a lot to ask since he works all day but so do I! Ugh! One day our little ones will be able to take care of themselves and we will want to take care of them still. Life is funny like that.