Monday, November 8, 2010

Update: The Lady Who Insulted My Kid

Last week, I was upset after a shopping trip with my daughter and blogged about it.  If you didn't catch that post, a sales associate at the Dillards in Flagstaff inadvertently insulted my baby.

After thinking about it and letting the situation get me unnecessarily angry, I filed a complaint with Dillards.  The complaint was then forwarded to the manager of the Flagstaff store.  I was quite pleased with the response time and reaction from the manager.

She sincerely apologized for my experience and tried her best to rectify the situation.  I'm not one to complain to companies, but I think there was a positive outcome here.  I received comments about the previous post on my blog and on Facebook and appreciate the feedback, but want you all to know that the response from Dillards was great.  I will shop there again.  :-)

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