Friday, November 5, 2010

"Yea, she has kind of a big head." ~ PUNCH!

I'm going to need people to think before they speak.  Stop telling me I have a big baby.  I'm sick of hearing it.  I get it.  She's big.  She's also super cute and perfectly healthy.

I had honestly forgotten how big my kid is until yesterday.  I was confronted with it all day.  "Oh, your baby is so cute!  How old is she??  (pause) Wow, she's big!"  Yep....

Then, Emma and I encountered the be all and end all of rude comments while shopping for a Christmas dress at Dillards.  I had found the perfect dress.  It's so pretty and makes Emma's eyes pop.  The cashier asked if we were ready to check out and directed us toward the cash register.  That in itself was an obstacle course.  One would think stores would make room for strollers in the baby section.  Seriously.  Anyway, the lady was trying to make casual conversation like cashiers always do.  I was a cashier once; I know how it goes.  I, however, NEVER would have insulted a customer's child.

Cashier:  "Oh, this is such a pretty dress!"
Me:  "Yea, I hope it fits.  Thinking about getting her Christmas pictures taken."
Cashier:  "Yea, she has kind of a big head."

What???  Are you kidding me?  I was paying for clothes in her store, maybe she shouldn't have been so rude.  Just a thought.  Of course, she caught herself and tried to salvage the conversation with a "...but she's so cute."  I wasn't having it.  I simply informed her that she didn't need to try to compliment my child, grabbed my bag, and fought my way through the racks of clothes.

My daughter does have a large head, but I don't need anyone to point it out to me.  If the cashier would have looked at Emma, she would have seen that her head is proportionate to her chubby body.  :o)  I don't understand why people think it's OK to criticize babies.  Do they not realize that as the mothers of these babies, we think they're perfect and take horrible offense to anyone who tells us otherwise?  Please, for the sake of everyone else, think before you speak.


  1. People are rude!!! She is beautiful! I'm a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  2. This IS incredibly rude! I'm not sure how I would have handled it but it sounds like you did a great job!

    By the way....she is stinkin' cute!

  3. Emma is perfect! Her head is in no way too big... I would have been very confrontational to that cashier, but that is me.
    When it really isn't appropriate to be confrontational I talk to my kids about what rude manners etc the person has, right in front of them. Kind of like, "did you hear how rude that woman sounds? This is a perfect example of why I ask you to think before you speak. Clearly she didn't." If I have any teens with me, they know what I am doing and enjoy playing along. I have even heard them do it when someone is rude to them in a public place. Its great.
    It is never too early to start talking to Emma about how rude people are, in a cooing sweet voice, right in front of them. :-) Give it a try, people don't know what to do...apologize, explain what they meant, pretend they didn't hear, its a fun game and you never have to have all that inside...get it out right then and there! Happy Shopping.
    Anyway, you didn't need me to tell you your daughter is perfect, I just thought I would reinforce it.