Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Registry: Where do I start???

When I was pregnant, I had to create my baby registries online, and I had to do it by myself.  I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  :-)  Naturally, I asked for a few things that were completely unnecessary and neglected to ask for things we absolutely needed.  I now have a few friends who are expecting their first babies and have decided to make a list a of what I think are the most important registry items.  If you're an expecting mom and trying to wrap your brain around the thousands of products out there, take a look below.  Hopefully, this will help a little.

1.)  Diapers, diapers, diapers!!!
  • If you plan to use disposable diapers, I recommend Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers BabyDry.  I would ask for both Newborn and Size 1.
  • If you plan to use cloth diapers and would like to learn more about how to choose the best type for your family, click here.
2.)  Wipes
  • I prefer Huggies Natural Care.  They're thicker than cheaper brands and perfect for sensitive skin.
3.)  Boppy Pillow
  • This is my single most favorite item.  You can use it so many different ways.  
4.)  Vibrating Bouncer (Love!)

5.)  Playpen with Changing Table Insert
  • There are many different brands and models, but I love my Fisher Price Precious Planet Playard.  It has the changing table and a very handy bassinet option.  We chose to purchase all of our baby gear from the Precious Planet line, but any playpen with these accessories would be great.
6.)  Bottles or Breastfeeding Accessories
  • Make sure you have plenty of feeding supplies.  Figure out which methods and products best suit you.  I had planned to breastfeed and didn't register for any bottles.  When it didn't work out, we only had a couple of bottles from baby showers and had to purchase more.  If you are going with regular bottles, I recommend Dr. Brown's.  
7.)  Bottle Warmer
The following are in no particular order:

8.)  Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider (or something similar)
  • This isn't something you would have to have, but I recommend it.  It is a great sleeping aid for babies with colic or babies who tend to spit up.  We don't have one, but our neighbor let us borrow theirs.  Our daughter went through a short phase of spitting up so much at once that she would choke.  I wouldn't sleep out of fear of her doing this while in her bassinet at night, but when she was in the glider, I was comforted because of the slightly upright position.  She loved it and would sleep for hours.  My neighbors swear by it as well. 
9.)  Burp Cloths  - You can never have too many.  

10.)  Large, Practical Diaper Bag

11.)  Bath Towels and Wash Cloths

  • I love this stuff and use it every single day.  My daughter has sensitive skin, and her cheeks get very dry (from bottles, burp cloths, pacifiers, etc.).  The Aquaphor keeps her skin moisturized.  It also helps heal little cuts and scrapes from her fingernails and has even lessened the redness of a few rashes.  If you aren't sure what Aquaphor is, click the link above.  You can buy it in a squeeze tube or a tub.  
  • Gassy babies are very unhappy babies.  These drops really do help.
14.)  Desitin Diaper Rash Cream

15.)  Front Button Tshirts, Bodysuits and Sleepers
  • Clothing that buttons up the front is more practical when dressing a newborn.  The front button Tshirts are great and easy on the skin, especially while the umbilical cord is still attached. 
16.)  Blankets (Receiving and Regular)

17.)  Pacifiers
  • I don't believe in overusing pacifiers, but they are great for helping Baby get to sleep and are proven to help reduce the risk of SIDS.  My daughter's favorites are from NUK.  I also like AVENT because they are smaller and don't allow as much wetness to build up on the skin.  I actually was planning not to use pacifiers at all, but the nurses and lactation consultant at the hospital convinced me.  I'm so glad.  
18.)  Safety/Grooming Kit
  • A simple kit is perfect.  You don't need to find the biggest, fanciest one out there.  As long as you have nail clippers, emery boards, a thermometer, and a nose sucker (which you get from the hospital), you'll be fine.
19.)  Bibs  (Plenty)

20.)  Car Seat with Base** (See #20)

21.)  Stroller (or Travel System)

**Sometimes, you can find a better deal by purchasing a travel system.  A travel system contains the stroller, car seat, and base for one price.

22.)  Bath Tub

The following items are not absolute necessities but are nice to have.  You won't need many of them right away, but it's worth it to ask.  Family and friends are incredibly generous when babies are in the picture, and you want to try to stock up on as much as you can.  The diapers you're going to have to buy (and formula if you're using it) are insanely expensive.  

Bumbo Chair
Playmat/Activity Mat
Bottle Drying Rack
Soft Rattles
Spoons and Bowls (for cereal and baby food)
Educational Books for Baby
Sleep Sack
Baby Wash and Lotion**  You'll probably get plenty of this without registering for it.
Baby Carrier
Baby Book 
Footprint/Handprint Set
Picture Frames
Gift Cards**  These are the best!

I also realize many people register for Dreft laundry detergent.  "Baby" and Dreft go hand in hand.  Just be careful.  My daughter is allergic.  Before she was born, I washed EVERYTHING in Dreft and caused her to have a horrible rash.  We now use all Free Clear detergent and haven't had a problem.  

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  1. These are my recommendations by personal experience. I'm sure I forgot something, so please feel free to add items through a comment or disagree if you have a different opinion. :-)